A GoGò


Quality: the essence of our pizzeria

Pizza in Palma hand-made, digestible and high quality.

A gogò is a colloquial expression in Italian that means “in abundance”, and has its root in the French term gogue- “fun, pleasure”.

A Gogò was born from our desire to enjoy and and make other people enjoy, and for us to have fun with this family project, where we want to offer something new in Palma for lovers of a tasty, thin, scrocchiarella (slightly crunchy) and very digestible pizza.

Our project has a clear objective: to update the concept of a take away pizzeria, creating a high quality, healthy and digestible product, moving away from the common place of a take-away pizzeria that uses low cost ingredients.

Artisan, digestible and a curated selection of ingredients, are the base elements of our pizza.

A PIZZABAR is an informal place, where the protagonists are the bar, the pizzaiolo and the oven, and of course the pizza. With high tables and stools, it is a cozy and warm environment, where we want you to feel at home, interacting with us, watching how we make your pizza and we deliver it directly from the bar counter. Part of the experience is the pairing with wines and drinks, so we have selected KM0 and Italian wines, craft beers, and other drinks to complete your sensory journey.

Pizza inspired by Rome

Classic Roman pizza is thin, slightly crunchy “scrocchiarella” with almost no edge and  is golden brown. In A Gogò Pizzabar our style is inspired by it, although we have decided to apply a variant by making a slightly more pronounced crust.

In the old school tradition of Roman pizzerias, the rolling pin is used for laying out the pizza. We have decided to use our hands to avoid crushing the gases generated through the fermentation, which provide friability and lightness at each bite. 

Our pizza is round, thin, golden, slightly crunchy, with a low edge and with a balanced combination of ingredients, to make you fall in love at its sight, enjoy each bite and feel good.

Our philosophy

The core of our proposition is based on offering a healthy product, using high-quality ingredients, and incorporating every month the fresh products that Mallorca gives us for our seasonal pizzas.

We are inclusive,  so we strive in making sure that everyone can enjoy a tasty pizza, regardless of their dietary choices. With this in mind we also offer our gluten-free pizza, made with corn and rice flour, and we’ve created a vegan mozzarella that tastes and melts like cheese for those who are dairy intolerant or vegan.

A 100% artisan pizza: we dedicate our dough all the time it needs to deliver the best pizza, both tasty and digestible.  Every day we prepare our dough with outmost care, we shape it in the form of small individual balls called “panetti” which we leave to ferment for 30 hours or more, after which we carefully work with our hands to create the pizza base. 

The ingredients that we have selected to season the pizzas keep the focus on digestibility, so we always look for the balance between flavor, fat level and freshness.

Dedication in the selection of high quality materials: italian medium strength flour, balanced and with the right requirements for panification, extra virgin olive oil of picual and arbequina olives, fresh Mozzarella Fiordilatte DOP that we receive in its typical ball shape, we cut and let it drain to be ready for our pizza, cold cuts and cheese selected from the best Italian and Spanish producers, and home made desserts.

For vegan pizzas, we produce a cashew-based mozzarella and produce other products such as our spicy vegan sobrasada, all with natural and plant-based ingredients.  If you are lacto-intollerant you can still enjoy our delicious pizzas with this 100% plant-based cheese.

The wellbeing of our planet, our palate and our community is important to us.  We therefore focus on sourcing fresh ingredients giving priority to local and bio friendly products to reduce our CO2 footprint, support local producers,  and to offer seasonal products in harmony with nature. 

That is why we like to create montly pizzas with fresh ingredients of the season, so we always have new flavours and experiences to offer.

Two types of pizza dough: classic with Cinque Stagioni flour and gluten-free with rice and corn flour.

More than 30 pizzas including the classic ones, those of our invention, the pizzas of the month and seasonal, and the vegan pizzas menu  to satisfy all tastes.

Our gastronomic proposal culminates with traditional Italian dishes such as the  famous Roman Street food  Supplì, which we make in various versions, and Fiori di zucca fritti, and other homemade dishes such as our melanzane alla parmigiana, lasagna, and desserts made by us and that change with the seasons.



We deliver our pizza at your table in less than an hour.  We can deliver in a 2,8Km range from our pizzeria. Minimum amount per order is 10€ and a delivery charge of 2€ applies. Use our order ONLINE to easily place your order or call us. Cash and credit card payment available.

If you use Deliveroo, Glovo or Just-eat, you can also order through them.


Place your order through our order ONLINE and select pick-up to come and collect your pizza, fresh from the oven, to take home with you. We also help you to pair with a good beer or wine to have an amazing experience.


Our pet friendly pizzeria A Gogò Pizzabar is small, cosy, with 14 seating, perfect for an informal meal, accompanied by good music and a friendly service. 

Due to the COVID restrictions,  we are currently not able to provide service in our pizzeria, however you can enjoy our pizza at home. 



Travessia d’en Ballester, 7 07002 Palma Illes Balears

Latitude 39.570358 and  Longitude 2.654867


+34 971 966 045


Opening hours

Wednesday to Sunday

19:00-23:00 curbside take-away

19:30 to  22:30 home delivery

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