A GoGò


Quality: the essence of our pizzeria

A gogò is a colloquial expression in Italian that means “in abundance”, and has its root in the French term gogue- “fun, pleasure”.

A Gogò was born from our desire to enjoy and and make other people enjoy, and for us to have fun with this family project, where we want to offer something new in Palma for lovers of a tasty, thin, scrocchiarella (slightly crunchy) and very digestible pizza.

Our project has a clear objective: to update the concept of a take away pizzeria, creating a high quality, healthy and digestible product, moving away from the common place of a take-away pizzeria that uses low cost ingredients.

Artisan, digestible and a curated selection of ingredientes, are the base elements of our pizza.


Our style

Pizza inspired by Rome

The classic roman pizza is thin, slightly cruncy, nearly without border and golden. We are inspired by this style, although we have implemented some modifications by modelling a more pronounced border.

In the old school of the roman pizzerias you usually would use a rolling pin to shape the pizza. We have decided to use our hands to avoid crushing the gases generated through the fermentation, which provide friability and lightness at each bite. 


Pizzabar & Take-Away

We are a take-away in Palma centre with a friendly, professional service with attention to detail, where our pizzaiolo displays his art by preparing the pizza in the moment. 

In A Gogò Pizzabar we offer our clients and friends, at our pizzeria or at their home, a true delight to the palate…we prepare our dough with three options, classic, gluten-free and multicereal, and have many vegetarian options as well as vegan pizza menu. 

A 100% artisan pizza: we dedicate our dough all the time it needs to be tasty and digestible.  Every day we prepare our dough with outmost care, we shape it in the form of small individual balls called “panetti” which we leave to ferment for at least 24 hours, after which we carefully work with our hands to create the pizza base. 

Also for our fried nibblies we focus on digestibility, using only sunflower oil to deliver a light and fragrant product.  

Dedication in the selection of high quality materials: italian medium strength flour, balanced and with the right requirements for panification, extra virgin olive oil of picual and arbequina olives, fresh Mozzarella Fiordilatte DOP that we receive in its typical ball shape, we cut and let it drain to be ready for our pizza, cold cuts and cheese selected from the best Italian and Spanish producers, and home made desserts.

For vegans, we make our own vegan mozzarella cheese with cashew nuts, nutritional yeast and tapioca flour which can be perfect for many of our pizza like the Ortolana or Margherita. Depending on the taste you are looking for, we will be happy to recommend the best combination of ingredients. 

Selection of commercial and craft beer, Italian and Sapnish wines, vermut, aperol and campari spritz, licors complement our offer for the best experience. 

The wellbeing of our planet, our palate and our community is important to us.  We therefore focus on sourcing fresh ingredients giving priority to local and bio friendly products to reduce our CO2 footprint, support local producers,  and to offer seasonal products in harmony with nature. 

We offer as well pizza gluten free (not for celiacs) and vegan  options.  A menu that changes and is influenced by the seasons, that includes  supplì (one of Rome’s best street foods), saldas, carpaccio and home made desserts. 

The menu

ORTOLANA   …10,50

“Fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, vegetables of the season, basil, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino romano D.O.P cheese, kalamata olives”


“Scamorza, gorgonzola D.O.P, fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, pecorino romano D.O.P”


“Peeled tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, fresh basil”  


Peeled tomato sauce, raw garlic, oregano” 


Peeled tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, and spicy spianata”. “Spianata” means flattened, is a type of salami with a fine texture, and intense aroma and it is spicy.


Peeled tomato sauce,  fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, champignon mushroom in thin slices and…

  • …Italian cooked ham …10,50
  • …Serrano ham (la Francescana)…11,50


Peeled tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, cooked Italian ham, champignon mushroom, kalamata olives, artichoke’s heart and extra virgin olive oil”


“Peeled tomato, mozzarella fiordilatte, aubergine cooked in the oven, tomato, parmesan cheese and basil”

ROMANA …10,50

“Peeled tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, fresh garlic, anchovies, kalamata olives, cappers”


“Peeled tomato sauce cooked with guanciale, pepper, and out of the oven pecorino romano D.O.P.” 


“Focaccia with thin dough, onion, rosemary and extra virgin olive oil”

Vegetarian or with vegetarian option
Pizza with tomato
Gluten free dough  +€2,00 (not suitable for celiacs)

Allergens: If you have any allergy, please inform us to provide you with advice. We have our menu with the allergens listed.


“Fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, guanciale, scamorza, red onion, rosemary”. “Il Guanciale” is a cured meat prepared from pork jowl or cheeks. It is more delicate than pancetta”


“Fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, marinated zucchini a bit spicy, Santoña anchovies, cherry tomatoes, pecorino romano cheese  D.O.P.”


“Peeled tomato sauce, Bonito del Norte (tuna), red onion, kalamata olives, tomates cherry, fresh parsley”


“Fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, rocket, petals of Grana Padano parmesan cheese 12 months D.O.P., bresaola and extra virgin olive oil”. “Bresaola” is a lean, tender, with a sweet, musty smell, dried salted beef from the Valtellina, in Lombardy and has the IGP (Protected Designation of Origin) certificate.

RAGÙ …13,50

“Meat sauce made by us (like Bolognese sauce), fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, petals of parmesan Grana Padano cheese”


“Sautéed mushrooms, burrata, slices of parmesan cheese and extra virgin white truffle olive oil Bartolini”


“Peeled tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, spicy sobrasada, burrata, onion and honey”


“Fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, mortadella with pistachos, chopped pistachos”

Seasonal pizzas

FOCACCIA ROVELLONA ..12 (November’s pizza)  

“Sautéed red pine mushroom, toasted pine nuts, caramelized onion, salted ricotta, basil”

BOSCO…13,80 (November’s pizza)

“Mozzarella, taleggio, sautéed red pine mushroom, fresh sausage”

**Note for home delivery:  this pizza is perfect to be eaten in our premises. As several toppings are added outside the oven, the pizza loses heat and will arrive less warm.

Vegetarian or with vegetarian option
Pizza with tomato
Gluten free dough  +€2,00 (not suitable for celiacs)

Allergens: If you have any allergy, please inform us to provide you with advice. We have our menu with the allergens listed


True to our commitment to offer quality products, we make all our vegan cheeses to achieve a healthy product, with flavor and consistency … delicious.

VEGGIE …11,50

“Vegan mozzarella, vegetables of the season, sautéed mushrooms and basil extra virgin olive oil”


“Vegan mozzarella, marinated zucchini, semi-dry tomatoes in olive oil, and sunflower seeds”


“Sautéed mushrooms, vegan mozzarella, almond slices and extra virgin white truffle olive oil Bartolini”


“Peeled tomato sauce, vegan mozzarella, fresh champignon mushrooms and vegan Mortadella, pistachios, basil oil, cherry tomatoes”


“Peeled tomato sauce, vegan mozzarella, champignon mushroom, Kalamata olives, artichoke’s hearts, fresh parsley and extra virgin olive oil


“Peeled tomato sauce, vegan mozzarella, fresh basil”


“Peeled tomato sauce, raw garlic, oregano”

FOCACCIA ROVELLONA VEGAN..12 (November’s pizza)  

“Sautéed red pine mushroom, toasted pine nuts, caramelized onion and basil”


“Vegan mozzarella,  sauteed Heura (100% vegetal chicken),  sauteed red pine mushrooms


“Peeled tomato sauce, vegan mozzarella, aubergine cooked in the oven, vegan parmesan cheese, basil extra virgin olive oil.

Pizza with tomato

Allergens: If you have any allergy, please inform us to provide you with advice. We have our menu with the allergens listed.


“Peeled tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, fresh champignon mushroom, and cooked Italian ham”


“Fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, parmesan Grana Padano cheese, Mortadella with pistacho”


“Peeled tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella fiordilatte, fresh aubergines cooked in the oven, parmesan Grana Padano cheese and basil

Calzone with tomato

Allergens: If you have any allergy, please inform us to provide you with advice. We have our menu with the allergens listed.

PATATE FRITTE …3 (full serving)/1,50 (1/2 serving)

“”Thin sliced fried potatoes””


“Authentic delicacy of the Marche region, Olive Ascolane are large olives with a soft savory meat stuffing surrounded by a crisp, breaded crust” 


“Fried pumpkin flowers stuffed with ricotta and provola cheese”

There is no pizza in Rome without Supplì! Similar to an arancino, the supplì is a fried rice croquette with mozzarella at its centre. According to Roman tradition, rice is cooked with ragù – a Bolognese-type sauce (originally made with livers and other chicken offal). It is made into a ball, mozzarella is placed in its center, it is passed in eggs and then breaded and fried.


“Rice croquette cooked in meat sauce made with porc negre, yearling, chicken (similar to Bolognese sauce), stuffed with mozzarella, coated with BIO eggs, breaded and fried” 


“Rice croquette cooked with pecorino romano cheese and lots of pepper,stuffed with mozzarella, coated with BIO eggs, breaded and fried”


“Rice croquette cooked with pesto made with fresh basil, pecorino and parmesan cheese, stuffed with mozzarella, coated with BIO eggs, breaded and fried”


“Rice croquette cooked in a sauce similar to Bolognese but in a veggie version, made with lentils, stuffed with vegan mozzarella, breaded and fried”


“Burratina -fresh Italian cow milk cheese with the outer shell of solid mozzarella, while the inside contains stracciatella and cream- over rocket salad and accompanied with artichoke and cherry tomatoes”


“Bresaola Carpaccio -Sottofesa IGP – rocket, parmesan cheese, extra vergin olive oil, lemon and pepper”


“Thin slices of champignon, rocket, parmesan Grana Padano petals”


“Aubergines, parmesan cheese Grana Padano, fresh fiordilatte mozzarella, tomato sauce, basil, all cooked in the oven”

Vegetarian or with vegetarian option
Pizza with tomato
Gluten free dough  +2,00

Allergens: If you have any allergy, please inform us to provide you with advice. We have our menu with the allergens listed.


“Cheesecake made with Mascarpone cheese, Digestive cookie base and coulis of fresh fruit of the season”


“A cold chocolate bite. Similar to a small brownie, we elaborate it with dark chocolate, oats, agave syrup, coconut oil and peanut butter”


“We have chosen a company from Mallorca, Gelat Soller, to offer a variety os flavours and a healthy, high quality product without preservatives, colorants, trans fat, and only with fresh cream and quality ingredients from Mallorca”
“Flavours to choose from: chocolate, vanilla, orange and strawberries

Vegetarian or with vegetarian option

Allergens: If you have any allergy, please inform us to provide you with advice. We have our menu with the allergens listed.



  • Pinot Grigio Castelfirmian Doc (ITALIA)
  • La Musina Lugana Doc (ITALIA)
  • Soave Villa Mura Doc (italia)
  • Son Caló Blanc 2018 · Prensal Blanc (MALLORCA)
  • Fragas Do Lecer 2017/18 · Godello (GALICIA)


  • Tinchite Rose Igt Feudo Arancio (ITALIA)
  • Son Caló Rosat 2018 · Callet Y Fogoneu (MALLORCA)


  • “Le Bine” Valpolicella Doc Classico Corvina Veronese e Corvinone Veronese (ITALIA)
  • Stemmari -Nero d’Avola (ITALIA)
  • Son Caló Negre 2018 · Callet Y Fogoneu (MALLORCA)
  • Lagar De Eizaga Crianza 2015 · Tempranillo · 12m Barrica (RIOJA)



  • Estrella Damm
  • Vol Damm
  • Free Damm (gluten free)
  • Rosa Blanca
  • Complot IPA


  • Sa Roqueta
  • Forastera Another Fucking IPA


  • MENABREA: Birra Rossa and Birra Bionda Menabrea
  • ICHNUSA filtered and not fileterd
  • VOLPINA Red Ale

Other beverages


SAN PELLEGRINO (with gas),
Acqua PANNA (natural)


Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Nestea, Acquarius, Fanta lemon, Fanta Naranja, zumo de naranja y manzana Minute Maid, Tomarchio Bio de naranja roja o mandarina




Our commitment

We have been concerned for a while about how, what we do at home, at work, travelling, dining…impact the welfare of our planet, and all that live and enjoy it. We believe that both consumers and business owners should and can contribute reducing  our environmental negative impact. 

We have the ambition -and the challenge- to make A Gogò as sustainable as possible. We want to respect the the environment, care for the source of our food, recycle and differentiate waste, save energy, care for animals, help our community and value the work of each member of our team. 

Faithful to these company’s values, and taking one step at a time, we have started implementing the following actions: 

• KM0: all ingredients that we can substitute, while guaranteeing the Italian favours and quality we seek, we buy local to reduce our CO2 footprint. 

• Seasonal:  the seasonal products mean more flavour, and using what earth gives us, without having to import them from elsewhere.

• Cleaning products certified ECOLABEL: provided by ARGUI, the products we use are certified based on its sustainability and biodegradebility.  ARGUI reutilices the recipients, meaning they clean them and use them for the production of liquids, and almost 90% of the water is rainwater collected in a cistern in their premises. 

• Focus on reducing and replacing any plastic recipient as much as possible, within the government guidelines. 

• The single use take away recipients are recyclable and compostable (PLA). Los envases para la comida take-away son reciclables o compostables, y no utilizamos plástico.

• Waste management: with the focus on recycling, reducing and reusing.

• 100% GREEN ENERGY: we only use energy from renewable source

• Energy consumption: focus on energy efficiency, using LED lights and efficient appliances that remain on only when used.

• We control our water and cleaning detergents consumption.

• Collaboration with Rastro Solitario to recycle the oil we use and converted into biofuel.

• The funds raised by the sale of the recycled oil are donated to Save The Med so that they can continue their great work of protecting the Mediterranean.

• We support AALL (Asociación Animalista LLucmajor) in their effort to rescue dogs and cats, and finding them a loving family.

• We discount the price of the container if our responsible customers can bring their own container.

• We train our team on all the activities that we implement together, and why we do it, and the fact that we have to follow through yes or yes. 

There is much more we can do, so this is just the start. We will be incorporating actions that allow us to be proud of A Gogò and our team of professionals.



Travessia d’en Ballester, 7 07002 Palma Illes Balears

Latitude 39.570358 and  Longitude 2.654867


+34 655 646 785

+34 971 966 045


Opening hours

Wednesday to Sunday

18:30 to  23:15 eat in & take-away

19:00 to  22:30 home delivery


We deliver our pizza at your table in less than an hour.  We can deliver in a 2,8Km range from our pizzeria. Minimum amount per order is 10€ and a delivery charge of 2€ applies. Cash and credit card payment available.

If you use Deliveroo or Just-eat, you can also order through them.

Pizza para llevarTAKE-AWAY

Call us or stop by to visit us to take home your pizza fresh from the oven. We also help you to pair with a good beer or wine to have an amazing experience.


Our pizzeria A Gogò Pizzabar is small, cosy, with 14 seating, perfect for an informal meal, accompanied by good music and a friendly service. 

Due to COVID-19, each table is spaced at 1.5mt and are disinfected after each use.

Come and visit us!

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