Commited to a sustainable pizzeria

We have been concerned for a while about how, what we do at home, at work, travelling, dining…impact the welfare of our planet, and all that live and enjoy it. We believe that both consumers and business owners should and can contribute reducing  our environmental negative impact. 

We have the ambition -and the challenge- to make A Gogò as sustainable as possible. We want to respect the the environment, care for the source of our food, recycle and differentiate waste, save energy, care for animals, help our community and value the work of each member of our team. 

Faithful to these company’s values, and taking one step at a time, we have started implementing the following actions: 

• KM0: all ingredients that we can substitute, while guaranteeing the Italian favours and quality we seek, we buy local to reduce our CO2 footprint. 

• Seasonal:  the seasonal products mean more flavour, and using what earth gives us, without having to import them from elsewhere.

• Cleaning products certified ECOLABEL: provided by ARGUI, the products we use are certified based on its sustainability and biodegradebility.  ARGUI reutilices the recipients, meaning they clean them and use them for the production of liquids, and almost 90% of the water is rainwater collected in a cistern in their premises. 

• Focus on reducing and replacing any plastic recipient as much as possible, within the government guidelines. We reuse glass jars, containers and use reusable vacuum storage bags to avoid plastic film and other one-use plastic containers.

• 0% food waste philosophy, we therefore try to use all parts of the ingredients, creating oils, creams, etc. 

• The single use take away recipients are recyclable and compostable (PLA). 

• Waste management: with the focus on recycling, reducing and reusing.

• Energy consumption: focus on energy efficiency, using LED lights and efficient appliances that remain on only when used.

• We control our water and cleaning detergents consumption.

• Collaboration with Rastro Solitario to recycle the oil we use and converted into biofuel.

• The funds raised by the sale of the recycled oil are donated to Save The Med so that they can continue their great work of protecting the Mediterranean.

• We support AALL (Asociación Animalista LLucmajor) in their effort to rescue dogs and cats, and finding them a loving family.

• We discount the price of the container if our responsible customers can bring their own container.

• We train our team on all the activities that we implement together, and why we do it, and the fact that we have to follow through yes or yes. 

There is much more we can do, so this is just the start. We will be incorporating actions that allow us to be proud of A Gogò and our team of professionals.

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